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What is the Hidden Spirit?


The Hidden Spirit is an immersive cocktail experience transporting guests, or more appropriately pirates, into an exciting world of mischief and theft as they steal the hidden treasure from the grasps of the U.S Government all whilst enjoying delicious cocktails on board. 


Is the Hidden Spirit a real ship?


The immersive cocktail experience is set on a real ship docked by London’s River Thames. Please be aware that part of the experience is on a level of a ship with reduced headroom. 


Will I get sea sick? 


Absolutely not, the ship is permanently docked, allowing pirates plenty of opportunity to steal the treasure before it sets sail!


Do I need to bring my own alcohol like other Inventive Productions?


No, the Hidden Spirit Cocktail Experience includes 3 x cocktails. There is an opportunity to purchase more cocktails  on board if of interest. 


Do I dress up?


There is no reason to come dressed up unless you wish. Upon boarding the ship you will receive your ship attire. 

Can we just walk-in or is it reservations only?

Recruits must be booked in advance with a pre-purchased ticket to allow Captain Jack to do a thorough background check. 

Is there a minimum/maximum table size?

There is no minimum or maximum table size. The ship has a capacity for 40 crew. If interested in hiring the whole ship please contact 


Is it scary?


The Hidden Spirit is an immersive cocktail bar experience but is not scary. We have actors working on the ship who help bring to life a fun, lighthearted experience for guests. If at any time guests do not act respectful and polite towards actors and the venue then they run the risk of their experience being cut short. 

Can I cancel my tickets and get a refund?


Unfortunately we do not have a refunds or cancellation policy, however, it is possible to move your booking to another day if we are given 48 hours notice prior to your visit. In order to do this, please email 

How long do we get on the Ship?


All bookings last 1 hour 40 mins from the time of reservation.

How many cocktails do we get during our time on the Ship?

You and your fellow pirates will receive one special welcome cocktail discovered as part of the long lost treasure, as well as the choice of two further cocktails from our on-board menu. If you wish to enjoy more cocktails on board, there is the opportunity to purchase.

How much does entry cost?


There is a £34.99 fee when joining the crew of The Hidden Spirit.

What is your age policy?

Recruits must be aged 18 or over and be in control of their decisions to turn to a life of piracy. 

How do I book?


Please book via our website. 

Does The Hidden Spirit Serve Food?


Within the long lost treasure was unimaginable riches of gold, silver and liquor but unfortunately no food!

Not found what you were looking for?


The Captain is at hand to answer any questions - 


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