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Legend has it, decades ago, over $2 million in riches were dumped in an unknown location and hidden at sea!


Following the discovery of a cipher stating "The Secret Lies With Elizabeth”, the U.S Government commissioned The Hidden Spirit, which has undergone an epic journey to London to recover the hidden treasure.

The commanding Governor has hired Captain Jack Cassidy to find a new crew to safely bring home the riches, but with over $2million on board, Cassidy has his own ideas and needs recruits prepared to break the law and turn to a life of piracy!

Step aboard The Hidden Spirit and join the undercover crew! 

Take your share of the world’s finest collection of precious metals & jewels, liquors & liqueurs and enjoy some delicious cocktails on board to make the journey and time at sea all that bit richer.

Set on board a real ship docked in London, those willing to join Captain Jack Cassidy’s undercover crew will be taken on an epic journey of mischief as they steal the hidden treasure in this unique immersive cocktail experience.

Booking Details:

£34.99 per person

This includes 3 x Cocktails stolen from the hidden treasure, along with your very own attire for the duration of time on board. 

 Privately take control of The Hidden Spirit for you and your crew. Perfect for Christmas Events, Team Days and any reason to embark on a life of pircay. Contact the Captain on the below link

Hidden Spirit-032.jpg
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